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Harlandale Kids Dental Athletic Mouthguards

If you have a child active in sports, you may want to consider protecting their smile. Contact sports like football, hockey and basketball can lead to trauma to the mouth and teeth. Athletic mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth from impact damage and reduce the risk of oral soft tissue injuries while playing sports. Our exceptional pediatric dental team at Harlandale Kids Dental in San Antonio offers customized athletic mouthguards for our active young patients.

Involving your child in sports is a wonderful way to keep them active and healthy. While their body gets the exercise it needs, you need to make sure their teeth are protected. Many kids and teen team sports require or recommend that players wear a mouthguard. There are over-the-counter options you can buy that are a “boil and bite” design, but these may not offer the same level of protection and comfort as a customized athletic mouthguard designed by a dentist.

Protect Your Child’s Smile

Our dental team at Harlandale Kids Dental is here to offer the best care for your child’s smile. We can design a mouthguard that is customized to fit your child’s mouth and teeth. Our kid-centric dental professionals will carefully take impressions of your child’s full set of teeth and have our dental lab create a comfortable mouthguard. A well-fitting mouthguard ensures better protection for the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth, and it will be less intrusive for your child. If it is more comfortable, they will be more likely to wear it when participating in their favorite sport or activity.

You do not want an elbow to the jaw or a fall while skateboarding to cause serious damage to your child’s smile. Athletic mouthguards are an investment to prevent broken, cracked or dislodged teeth and other oral injuries. Our team at Harlandale Kids Dental can ensure your child has a quality oral guard that will minimize damage to their beautiful smiles. Contact us at our dental center in San Antonio, TX to schedule a mouthguard consultation and fitting. We welcome all PPO dental plans and Medicaid, plus we accept CareCredit for easy financing.