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How to Save a Knocked-Out Tooth  San Antonio, TX
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While accidents inevitably happen, it is not always easy to watch your kids get hurt. When injuries involve the mouth and teeth, however, it can be especially upsetting. Harlandale Kids Dental is proud to serve families in San Antonio with emergency pediatric dental care. We understand that not all dental problems can be handled within normal business hours. If your child has suffered a traumatic dental injury, please call us promptly. However, if it involves a knocked-out tooth, there are some steps you need to take immediately that can increase our chances of saving the tooth and re-implanting it.

Steps to Follow After an Avulsed Tooth

Whether it was the monkey bars or the soccer field, a blunt trauma or fall can cause a permanent tooth to completely detach from its socket. If this occurs, do your best to follow these steps:

  • Locate the tooth and gently handle it by the crown (not the roots)
  • Rinse any dirt or debris off of the avulsed tooth
  • Reposition the tooth back in the socket if possible or hold it inside the cheek
  • If the tooth cannot safely be placed in the mouth (such as when it is a young child), store the tooth in milk or saliva
  • See your dentist within 30 minutes of the injury for re-implantation

In the case of a tooth being avulsed (completely knocked out of the socket) promptly locate the avulsed tooth, and place it back in the socket immediately. If the child is not cooperative or trauma prevents re-implantation, then placing the tooth in a storage media to maintain moisture and prolong vitality to help save a knocked out tooth.

Why Store it in Milk?

Milk is an excellent storage media to preserve the moisture of an avulsed tooth and preserve its vitality until it can be re-implanted into its socket. However, whole milk is best. Skim milk and heavy cream do not offer the same fluid pressure as whole milk, which may compromise the root cells. Nearly three decades ago, scientists discovered milk to be even better than saliva when it comes to tooth preservation. Whole milk is not only readily available, but it also contains a compatible osmolality (fluid pressure) to tooth root cells.

Stay Calm and Call Your Emergency Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio

At Harlandale Kids Dental, we understand the panic that accompanies a knocked-out tooth or other dental emergency involving your child. However, you can trust that we have what it takes to restore or repair young, active smiles. We also have unique strategies to keep your child calm and relaxed during an emergency dental visit. To learn more about what you can do at home during an urgent dental matter, please call our office.

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