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All kids need routine dental care to protect their growing smiles. However, dental care often takes the back seat when parents are trying to balance the struggles of everyday life. Our team here at Harlandale Dental wants you to know that we understand and are here to help South San Antonio children’s dental needs. We offer our patients in San Antonio, Harlandale and the surrounding areas a fun, unique experience where children of all ages can look forward to visiting!

Kids should know how to brush their teeth from a young age, especially kids that have a disability or special needs. Some medical conditions can negatively impact oral health and require personalized dental care to help maintain a healthy smile. But not to worry! Our pediatric dentists in San Antonio, Texas, specialize in working with kids with all types of needs. At Harlandale Dental, we focus on kid-centric care that creates a fun and unique experience for all our young patients. We offer a customized oral treatment plan that is unique to each patient, so your kids will feel at ease and comfortable during their appointment. 


From teeth cleanings to dental crowns, Harlandale Dental offers an array of services to help your child get the dental care they deserve. Check them out below!



Is your child hypersensitive or has trouble sitting in a chair for prolonged periods? Our emergency pediatric dentist office in San Antonio, TX, offers child-friendly sedation options to help keep them relaxed and calm during their appointment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is breathed through a nasal mask so your kid can comfortably receive care for their smile.


Have trouble getting your little ones to brush at home? Here are a few ways you can help your child develop good oral hygiene practices that they can use throughout their lifetime:

  • Choose a toothbrush with soft or silicone bristles to help desensitize the mouth and gums, so your child can learn to get used to the sensation of brushing. 
  • Buy child-friendly toothpaste flavors like bubblegum or vanilla ice cream. Is your child more visual? A fun rainbow or multicolored toothpaste might be the perfect option. If your child doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste, there are also unflavored or fluoride-free options available.
  • Help your child learn the steps of toothbrushing and teach them how much time they should take to brush their teeth. Stand behind them, place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the brush, and help them guide the toothbrush along their teeth, just like you’re brushing your teeth. Having a visual timer on the bathroom sink can also be helpful when it comes to keeping track of time.
  • Try setting up a reward system and routine. For example, your child can pick something out of a “rewards jar” once they are finished brushing their teeth to help reinforce the positive behavior. 


Need some more tips for oral hygiene? Enhance your morning routine, and check out our blog “Teaching Your Child Good Oral Hygiene” for fun ideas you can do with your kid before they start their day! 

With proper knowledge and practice, your child can gain more confidence and independence in oral hygiene at home and the dentist! At Harlandale Kids Dental, we want to help all our young patients achieve the dental care they deserve. We are here to teach both kids and their parents the best way to protect those growing smiles. Our goal is to provide a fun and unique dental experience for all our patients. Call us today at (210) 585-2837 to schedule your child’s next visit to learn more about how we can customize an oral plan suited to their needs.

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