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When Do Kids Receive Their Permanent Teeth?  San Antonio, TX
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From six months to 18 years and beyond, everyone receives their first and last teeth. Most infants already have baby teeth formed when they are born and a few months later, the first teeth erupt through their gums. It takes until adulthood for all the teeth to arrive that will make up your child’s smile that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Here is a timeline of when to expect to your child’s permanent teeth to arrive.

Baby or Primary Teeth
Infants receive their first incisors, usually on the bottom, at 6 to 10 months. Over the first three years, infants and toddlers will have a full set of primary teeth erupt, about four every six months. By age three, most children have received all their baby teeth.

First Permanent Teeth – Age 6 to 7
The central incisors on the front and bottom are the first to arrive in infancy, and they are the first to shed. Most kids lose their central baby incisors around ages 6 or 7, and the permanent teeth can begin to erupt during this time. The bottom central incisors are usually the first to erupt by age 7, as well as the first molars on the top and bottom, followed by the upper front teeth at ages 7 to 8.

Lateral Incisors – Age 7 to 9
The lateral incisors on each side of the upper and lower central incisors can begin erupting around age 7, usually on the bottom first, then the upper arch. By age 9, most kids have all four of their lateral incisors.

Canines and Molars – Age 9 to 13
While the first molars and front teeth arrive early at ages 6 to 8, the teeth in between the incisors and first molar arrive later. Ages 9 to 13 is a busy time for teeth eruption. The canines erupt around ages 9 to 12 on the top and bottom arches. The first and second premolars, or bicuspids, erupt ages 10-12. The second molars behind the first molars arrive ages 11-13.

Wisdom Teeth – Ages 17 to 21
The last molars, the wisdom teeth, arrive around adulthood in the late teens or early 20s. The third and final molars usually erupt ages 17 to 21, but some people never receive their wisdom teeth.

During the formation of your child’s permanent smile, it is vital to monitor the growth and health. Both primary and permanent teeth need routine checkups and cleanings. Harlandale Kids Dental offers exceptional dental care for kids in a fun and interactive environment. Call our office in San Antonio to schedule your child’s next checkup today.

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