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All kids need routine dental care to monitor and maintain their growing smiles. Children with physical or neurological disabilities can benefit from frequent dental visits for cleanings and checkups, but they may need accommodations for their limitations. At Harlandale Kids Dental, we welcome all kids to our pediatric dental center in San Antonio, TX. Our compassionate pediatric dentists and dental professionals offer exceptional dental care for children with disabilities.

Some disabilities can impact oral health, especially for kids. Difficulty brushing and flossing teeth can lead to higher risk of cavities or tooth decay. Certain medical conditions can increase risk for oral health issues, requiring personalized dental care to avoid tooth decay and loss. Our pediatric dentists work with kids with all types of challenges and conditions, customizing their treatment and oral maintenance plan to their specific needs.

Customized Dental Care for Special Needs Kids

If your child has special needs when it comes to dental care, Harlandale Kids Dental is where you want to be in San Antonio. Our dental practice focuses on kid-centric care that creates a fun and unique experience for our young patients. We will go above and beyond for our patients with disabilities or special needs to ensure they get the dental care they need. Our dental team is great with kids and has the experience and training needed to make children feel at ease and comfortable while at our facility.

Some children with neurological or physical disabilities may require some type of sedation to ensure they are relaxed and calm during dental procedures. We offer sedation dentistry that is safe for kids. We will discuss all options with the parents of our patients to determine what is the best solution for their child.

If you have a child with disabilities in the San Antonio area, you can expect the best care for their smile at Harlandale Kids Dental. We accept Medicaid and most dental insurance plans at our office and kids of all ages. Contact our office to schedule your first visit, and let us know how we can best accommodate your child’s special needs.