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Fluoride Treatment San Antonio, TX

Fluoride is an abundant, naturally occurring mineral and a key ingredient in anti-cavity toothpaste and treatment. At Harlandale Kids Dental, Dr. Martinez and Dr. McMahan recommend fluoride treatment as an inexpensive yet impactful method of reducing the risk of cavity development. When you book your child’s next dental cleaning, ask about fluoride treatment in San Antonio, TX.

Preventive dentistry

is the backbone of excellent dental care, and this oral health sector highlights treatments designed to prevent problems. ADA-supported studies confirm that fluoride is the secret weapon in lowering tooth decay by at least 25% in children and adults.

If your child is at high risk for cavities, we might suggest a quick fluoride treatment at 3, 6, or 12-month intervals. Frequency depends on oral health status. For instance, children with naturally thinner enamel might benefit from more frequent intervals.

Are you worried that your child or teen could have an increased risk for cavities? The following are risk factors to consider:

  • Young patients who practice poor oral hygiene or lack consistent professional dental care
  • Patients with bacterial overgrowth in their mouth
  • Those with a poor, limited diet rich in sugars and starches
  • Patients with weak, thin, or brittle enamel
  • Those with decreased saliva flow or dry mouth
  • Individuals that suffer from eating disorders

Leading Anti-Cavity Treatment

So, what is fluoride treatment? While we are exposed to fluoride daily through the water we drink, vegetables and fruits we eat, and anti-cavity toothpaste, professional fluoride treatments are highly concentrated. Professional fluoride treatment contains significantly more fluoride than our toothpaste or water supply

At Harlandale Kids Dental, fluoride treatments are convenient and only take a few minutes to complete. After basic dental cleaning, a Harlandale Kids Dental crew member can brush on this condensed form of fluoride. Afterward, we strongly suggest avoiding eating and drinking for at least 30 minutes after the appointment so that the fluoride treatment can soak in and the enamel can fully absorb all the benefits of this professional-grade treatment.

While fluoride cannot remove cavities, it can restore minerals to areas where harmful bacteria have eroded dental surfaces. Additionally, it can stop the future growth of harmful cavity-causing bacteria to prevent future cavities. Overall, fluoride treatments strengthen the outer layer of the teeth and help patients of all ages stay cavity-free.

For over thirty years, dentists have used fluoride varnishes to prevent cavities. One study revealed that children and adolescents who received fluoride treatment for one year were about 40% less likely to suffer from tooth decay and cavities.

Even though tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, cavities are preventable through close monitoring, excellent oral hygiene, and preventive treatments like fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments use natural minerals to prevent tooth decay, restore enamel, and prevent future bacterial growth on dental surfaces. Learn more about the benefits of fluoride and how to supply your child with a healthy amount of fluoride based on their age and oral health needs by contacting our office in San Antonio.