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child with blanket and glasses on dental chair

Kids are rambunctious and active, which can put them at risk for injuries. No matter how much parents want to protect their child, as accidents and injuries can occur, including dental damage. When your child has a tooth injury or a dental emergency, you need a pediatric dentist you can trust. At Harlandale Kids Dental, we offer dental emergency appointments for our young patients at our dental center in San Antonio, TX.

Sports, playground accidents and roughhousing are all common causes of kid dental injuries. Falling off the swings on the playground or taking a tumble down the stairs can result in a tooth injury. Dislodged or knocked out teeth are common in kids whose teeth are not completely formed or may be loose baby teeth.

Our experienced pediatric dental team at Harlandale Kids Dental is here to help for dental emergencies involving kids. We can help make kids feel calm and at ease while we examine their injury. We have sedation options available if a child is in pain or needs help to remain calm during emergency treatment for their injury.

Urgent Dental Care for Kids

Not all dental emergencies are injuries. Kids can have sudden tooth pain or oral abnormalities that require urgent dental care. If your child has severe tooth pain, they should see a pediatric dentist, not their primary care doctor. They may have an infected tooth, abscess or other serious tooth condition that needs immediate treatment.

Our dental team will do our best to see dental emergencies the same day, if possible. We can reassure your child and make them feel comfortable while we examine their tooth or injury. Many times, we can perform the needed treatment the same day to repair, save or remove a tooth that is damaged.

If your child needs emergency dental care in the San Antonio area, call us first at Harlandale Kids Dental. We welcome new and existing patients who need urgent dental care. Contact our compassionate dental team if your child has a dental emergency. We accept Medicaid and most dental insurance plans at our office and have payment options available to cover unexpected dental costs.