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Restorative Care San Antonio, TX

Teeth can be damaged by decay, disease or injury. Unlike bone, skin, muscle and other tissues in the body, teeth cannot repair themselves. If you chip, crack or lose a tooth, it will not heal on its own. Restorative care for children’s teeth is a category of pediatric dental treatments that repair damaged teeth. Our team at Harlandale Kids Dental offers restorative dental care for kids at our dental center in San Antonio, TX.

Child Dental Fillings

One of the most common dental restorations for kids are fillings. We offer fillings for cavities, chips, cracks and other forms of tooth damage to restore the tooth structure. Composite fillings are an option that are metal and mercury-free, which can also be color-matched to your child’s tooth. The filling replaces lost tooth material to maintain the strength of the tooth for chewing and protects it from decay or damage.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth has sustained extensive damage, a dental crown may be required for restoration. A dental crown is created from a mold or 3D image of the tooth in a dental laboratory and placed over the natural tooth. Dental crowns can be made from metal, ceramic or porcelain, depending on where the tooth is located and the preference of the parent. Both primary and permanent teeth can be crowned, but most dental crowns are placed on permanent teeth.

Kids are prone to injuries, and it is common for teeth to be chipped, cracked or broken in the formative years. If your child chips a tooth falling off their bike or breaks a tooth playing football, restorative care treatments can repair most tooth damage. Even baby teeth should be repaired to allow them to complete their cycle and guide the permanent teeth into place. If your child needs a tooth repair, our practice will ensure they get compassionate, quick dental care for their smile.

When your child needs a tooth restored, come see us at Harlandale Kids Dental. We have emergency dentistry for urgent tooth repairs and a caring atmosphere for all dental restorations. Contact our office in San Antonio if you need to schedule a tooth restoration appointment for your child.