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The best form of dental care for your child’s smile is preventive care. Many serious dental issues can be prevented with routine teeth cleanings, daily oral hygiene, protective treatments and regular checkups. Our kid-friendly team at Harlandale Kids Dental focuses on preventive dental care for our young patients to protect their smiles and improve their oral health at our dental center in San Antonio, TX.

From tooth decay and gingivitis to dental damage due to bruxism or sports injuries, many dental issues can be prevented. Protecting your child’s teeth, gums and oral health starts with making oral hygiene a priority. Our dental team spends time with our young patients and their parents teaching good oral hygiene methods. We make it fun for kids to learn about caring for their teeth and have interactive teaching techniques to ensure they stay engaged. Creating these good oral habits early can help prevent many dental issues like cavities and will help prevent gum disease later in life.

Protecting Growing Smiles

Beyond home oral care, preventive dental care also includes routine cleanings, exams and treatments. Most children should come in for checkups every six months, and teeth cleanings can be performed twice a year as well. Cleaning removes any plaque or tartar buildup between teeth or in hard-to-reach areas. Exams are important to monitor tooth growth and check for tooth decay, tooth damage and other dental issues. Detecting and removing surface cavities early can prevent tooth damage and the need for fillings.

Preventive dental treatments for kids may also include fluoride and teeth sealants to protect teeth from cavities. We also offer nightguards and mouthguards for kids to protect their teeth from injury from teeth grinding or sports injuries. Our dentists will discuss all preventive treatment options and recommend the best care to protect your child’s smile. Not only can preventive care protect your child’s teeth from damage, but it can save money on dental costs by preventing more intrusive and expensive dental treatments.

Preventive dental care is the best way to protect your child’s smile from disease and damage. At Harlandale Kids Dental, we make dental care fun for kids at our unique dental center. To schedule your child’s next checkup and cleaning, contact our office in San Antonio. We welcome Medicaid patients and most dental insurance plans are accepted at our clinic.