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Our goal at Harlandale Kids Dental is to make our young patients feel at ease and comfortable when they come to our office for pediatric dental care. We strive to make visits fun for kids, but sometimes they need dental treatments that can be more invasive. When a child needs help to relax or hold still during a procedure, we have sedation dentistry options available to ensure they can comfortably receive the necessary care for their smile.

Laughing Gas for Kids

One of the safest options in sedation dentistry for kids is nitrous oxide. Nicknamed “laughing gas” for its euphoric effect, nitrous oxide is breathed in during dental treatments through a nasal mask. Under this sedation, kids will be awake but relaxed and comfortable. This is helpful for kids with dental anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex. Nitrous oxide may also be recommended for longer treatments, to help our young patients stay still while we perform their dental work. The effects quickly wear off once the child takes a few breaths of fresh air.

Oral conscious and IV Sedation

When heavier sedation is required, we offer other types of medication. Invasive or intricate procedures that require kids to hold still for longer periods of time may require oral medication or IV sedation. We can also use sedation for children who have disabilities that cause spasms or movements that can interfere with dental treatments. Sedation dentistry is used for the safety and comfort of our young patients, but it is only used with the consent of the parents or guardian. Our pediatric dentists can go over all the options available if your child needs any type of sedation to determine what is the safest and best solution.

At Harlandale Kids Dental, our mission is to provide the absolute best dental care for our young patients. We strive to make dental care fun and interactive whenever possible, but not all medical care is enjoyable. When needed, we offer sedation dentistry to improve the dental experience for kids. To learn more about our sedation options, contact our office in San Antonio.