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Our goal at Harlandale Kids Dental is to prevent unnecessary tooth loss for our young patients. Preventive dental care is always the ideal option, but there are times when teeth need dental treatments. There are circumstances where removing a tooth may be in the best interest of a child’s oral health. When it is necessary, we offer tooth extractions for kids at our dental center in San Antonio, TX.

Most primary teeth fall out naturally and are followed by eruption of the permanent teeth. This is the ideal circumstance, but it is not always how the process goes. There are times when a baby tooth is diseased or does not fall out on schedule, requiring tooth removal to protect the child’s oral health. Some circumstances where our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction include:

  • An infected tooth that will soon be shed or lost
  • A severely decayed baby tooth
  • A broken or cracked primary tooth
  • A baby tooth that is crowding permanent teeth
  • Baby teeth that may cause tooth misalignment or orthodontic problems
  • Troublesome wisdom teeth

There may be instances where both treatment and extraction are possibilities for the diseased baby tooth. Our dentist will explain the pros and cons of both options and which treatment we recommend.

Tooth Removal for Kids

Baby teeth are easier to remove than permanent teeth as they have fewer roots and are designed to fall out after a short time. However, we understand that tooth extraction can be scary for kids and parents. We provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for kids to receive dental care, including tooth extractions. If needed, we offer sedation dentistry that can be used to put your child into a sleep-like state while the tooth extraction is performed.

Removing teeth is always the last resort for our dentists, but it is sometimes the best option for a child’s oral health. If your child has a tooth that needs to be removed, we offer a safe and comfortable environment for their procedure. Contact us at Harlandale Kids Dental to schedule your appointment at our kid-friendly dental center in San Antonio, TX.