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Why a Pediatric Dentist? San Antonio, TX

Many dental practices accept young patients, but most also see adults. Not all dentists receive the same training, especially when it comes to pediatric dentistry. Kids do require specialized care for their teeth and gums. Not only are they developing their smiles, but they need a dental team that can help them feel at ease while they receive their oral care. If you have kids and want the best care for their smiles, come see our pediatric dentist at Harlandale Kids Dental in San Antonio.

Why a pediatric dentist versus a family dentist? Pediatric dentists receive additional years of training to specialize in the specific dental issues that occur in children. Growing teeth are different than adult teeth and require specialized care. Monitoring their growth and utilizing preventive measures can improve their development and reduce the need for dental treatments in years to come. Plus, pediatric dentists are trained on the best techniques to help kids feel at ease when receiving their dental treatments.

Pediatric Dentistry vs General Dentistry

General dentistry covers the basic care for oral health. From checkups and cleanings to tooth repairs, gum treatments and tooth extractions, general dentistry clinics can care for routine dental care for all ages. Pediatric dentistry focuses on the dental care needs of children while they are developing their smiles. This requires more preventive care versus reactive care to guide the development of the teeth. While our pediatric dentists can perform all the same general dental care services for kids, they offer specialized treatments and care that are not covered in general dentistry.

When you have a specialized medical need, you want a medical professional that specializes in that area. You would not expect or want your regular doctor to deliver your child – you want an OB/GYN that specializes in obstetrics. The same is true with caring for your child’s smile. A pediatric dentist can provide the specialized care that kids need during the development of their smile.

If you live in the San Antonio or Harlandale area in Texas and need a pediatric dentist, come see us at Harlandale Kids Dental. We welcome new patients from infancy to teens, and we accept insurance and Medicaid. Contact our office to schedule your child’s first appointment. Your child will love our fun and friendly atmosphere, and you will appreciate the level of care we provide for our patients.