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Dentistry with a Heart: Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry  San Antonio, TX
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A parent of a special needs child understands: “The approach that works for other children may not work for my child.” Raising a child with any kind of special healthcare need – whether physical, mental, developmental, behavioral, trauma-induced, sensory, or emotional – is challenging in itself. Not all dental practices are equipped to provide quality care for special needs children, but a special needs pediatric dentist can oversee complete dental care for your child through routine cleanings, treatments, and dental education. That’s where we come in.

Outstanding Special Needs Pediatric Dentists

Harlandale Kids Dental in south San Antonio, TX, is a pediatric-only dental practice, and we open our doors wide so all kids can come as they are and begin their dental journey here. Harlandale Kids Dental has a heart for special needs kids. We partner with parents to prioritize dental health in full consideration of other health concerns, and we have robust expertise in special needs pediatrics. To keep costs low, we accept a wide range of dental insurance, including Medicaid.

We know that extra attention to dental health is paramount for special needs kids. Families who have a child with health problems are more likely to forego dental care because of added costs, lack of a pediatric dentist, or difficulty establishing good dental habits at home. However, a proactive plan gives your child the quality dental care and education to lay a good foundation for dental health through childhood and beyond.

Expanded Options: Sedation Dentistry

We are mindful that each child is different, and we serve special needs children with quality care modified specifically to suit their needs. Sedation administered by professionals can help office visits stay calm, relaxed, and safe for patients who experience dental anxiety or have a harder time staying still. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” can alleviate nervousness, and conscious or IV sedation may be recommended for different patients or certain procedures. If you have a child that cannot sit still for routine dental work, Harlandale Kids Dental can provide more information and tailored strategies adapted to your child’s health concerns.

Special Compassion for Special Needs

Harlandale Kids Dental believes in providing quality dental care for all kids, from infants to teens. We take the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure your special needs child not only receives the best pediatric treatment available but also has a pleasant dentist office experience every time.

Looking for a special needs pediatric dentist in the south San Antonio area? Look no further! Harlandale Kids Dental offers the best special needs pediatric dentistry in the city.

Call us today at (210) 791-9172 to get in touch! Or you can send us a message through our Contact form to sign up a new patient, learn more about our practice, or schedule an appointment. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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